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We are West-Central Florida's authorized distributor for market leading Logix ICF forms, Insul-Deck insulated concrete flooring and roofing systems, V-Buck vinyl door and window bucking systems and Simpson ties. Suncoast Green Products will assist you with all aspects of your ICF project. Contact us today to begin your journey to energy savings through the use of Insulated Concrete Forms. Suncoast Green Products is your LOGIX ICF distributor for the Tampa / St. Petersburg areas.

What is ICF Why build with ICF


LOGIX ICF forms offer exclusive industry leading features such as:

  • Pro Platinum series forms featuring Neopor® graphite beads for increased heat absorption and reflectivity.
  • The densest most impact resistant ICF foam on the market
  • Up to R-28 with our standard 2.75" foam thickness. The highest on the market!
  • LOGIX NEW TX Series forms with Termite resistant Preventol® ,the only form approved for below-grade¹ applications such as basements and stem walls.
  • LOGIX standard 2.75" foam thickness allows the use of standard depth electrical boxes!
  • LOGIX web material is made of recycled polypropylene, making it a truly green product!
  • LOGIX ICF forms are available either assembled or in knock-down format, allowing for complex rebar cages to be constructed during form placement and then being closed in.
  • LOGIX open-web design facilitating concrete placement and helping ensure proper consolidation.
  • LOGIX features built-in furring strips including reinforced corners to ensure ease of installing exterior coverings and interior drywall. No more furring after wall placement!

¹Where approved by local building authorities.



LOGIX announces the only Termite resistant ICF form that is approved for both above and below-grade¹ applications. LOGIX TX SERIES ICF forms are impregnated with Preventol®, an insecticide that has been proven to resist termite infestations. The LOGIX TX SERIES is available in both our PRO SERIES and in our industry leading PLATINUM SERIES forms. Whether you are doing just the bottom course in a slab-on grade application or are including it in the entire structure, the new TX SERIES® forms from LOGIX just make good sense!

¹Where approved by local building authorities.

Watch a Logix Installation!

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