Suncoast Green Products works closely with several experienced ICF installers to provide cost effective installation for your project. Suncoast Green Products is your local ICF distributor and provides the ICF materials to your jobsite. Although we will assist you in getting installation quotes, the installers will contract directly with you or your contractor. LOGIX publishes and maintains a Field Installation Manual and periodically offers installer training classes both in the classroom and at actual jobsites in the field.



LOGIX announces the only Termite resistant ICF form that is approved for both above and below-grade¹ applications. LOGIX TX SERIES ICF forms are impregnated with Preventol®, an insecticide that has been proven to resist termite infestations. The LOGIX TX SERIES is available in both our PRO SERIES and in our industry leading PLATINUM SERIES forms. Whether you are doing just the bottom course in a slab-on grade application or are including it in the entire structure, the new TX SERIES® forms from LOGIX just make good sense!

¹Where approved by local building authorities.

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